Intro to Americanism

An introduction to the greatest political ideology in all of human history.

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The United States of America is in the throes of a battle for the future of freedom on planet earth between 2 incompatible ideologies:

  1. Americanism

  2. Totalitarianism

Amazingly, Americanism is losing.

By a lot…in AMERICA. WTF?

Seems impossible, but it’s true.


Totalitarians love their dumpster fire, human hating, fails-everywhere-it’s-tried ideology more than life itself.

They promote starvation-level-stupidity from sea to shining sea all day, everywhere and all the time. They are relentless in their pursuit of total cultural domination.

Most Americans love America…but they can’t properly articulate our ideology…probably because K-16 education prefers totalitarianism.

Here’s the good news: Americanism is the greatest political ideology in all of human history.

It’s at least 1,000x better than Totalitarianism.

We have an obligation as free Americans to promote and defend our ideology from the encroaching Commie hordes and their Aristocrat masters.

A prerequisite to promoting and defending Americanism is the ability to define precisely what Americanism is.

Good news. I am here to help.

We start by defining Americanism.

Click here to begin.


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Merica vs the World
An ideology for people who love America.
Kalian Osborn