Are we destined for the Gulag?

There is a growing belief amongst Americans that the United States is doomed.

We will either become Communists, collapse under the weight of reckless government spending or devolve into separate nations after a second Civil War.

I reject all of the above.

America isn’t failing.

We are.

We are failing to do the work necessary to keep a free people free.

Don’t get me wrong, America’s decline is real.

But it’s recent.

In the late 90s we were literally (as the kids say) the only Super Power on the planet.

Our military was undeniable.

Our economy unstoppable.

  • we were only $6 trillion in debt

  • the budget was balanced

  • total federal spending was less than $2 trillion

By the end of 2022 we were

  • $31 trillion in debt

  • the budget was not balanced

  • total federal spending was over $6 trillion.

In 22 years feckless morons FROM BOTH PARTIES racked up $25 trillion in debt while tripling federal spending.

Let me ask you a question - what exactly did We the People buy with this deficit spending?

Amazing infrastructure? lol.

Nuclear power and a secure power grid? Negative.

Massive ship building capacity and a huge Navy? Again, no.

I mean, surely we got less expensive healthcare? Right?

Cheaper college?

More affordable housing?

No, no and no.

“Oh, so they spent all that money creating the best schools on the planet!”

Haha. Sorry, that’s another nope. Schools are actually much worse AND more expensive.

Basically the government spent our kids’ futures to provide power and privilege to a small group of mediocre, wannabe aristocrats.

Think about it - our government spent trillions creating an Administrative State that came up with the following plan for a pandemic - put a t-shirt over your face and stand 6 feet apart.

I could have come up with advice that lame for $5.

In 2020, ‘21 and ‘22 we were lied to by pretty much everyone in power about pretty much everything in our lives.

“Of course kids can skip school for 2 years and be totally fine!”

“That vax? Yeah, bro. 100% effective! Zero issues!”

That’s bad news.

Here’s the good news - we can turn things around.

We were gifted with the greatest ideology in all of human history - Americanism.

All we have to do is apply it.

You may be asking yourself, “hmmmm. Sounds good, but how and where do we start?”

Good question.

We start by Americanizing ourselves and Americanizing our families.

The solution to every problem in America is in our homes.

Those little humans eating all your food and driving you nuts are the future of America.

All we have to do is spend a little time getting to know what gives America our exceptional potential.

Then a little more time engraining those ideals and values in our children.

We both know the people in charge aren’t geniuses, aren’t clever and have no divine right to rule.

They’re winning because we haven’t stepped into the ring to kick their pansy asses.


It’s time to take a stand, evict the nerds ruining everything with their nerdish ways and put real Americans back in charge.

Join the fight.

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Hell yeah, Brother.

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